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Sights and tastes of Hungary

Sights and tastes of Hungary Katt rá a felnagyításhoz
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Kedvezmény: 40%
Szerző: Kaiser Ottó
ISBN szám 9789632448060

This fascinating  „chef album” is a special journey in itself. It takes you through the beautiful regions of Hungary and offers the opportunity to explore the flavours of Hungarian cuisine. The landscape and food photos by photographer Ottó Kaiser are accompanied by recipes from internationally acclaimed master chef Ottó Laczkó all this complete with a hint of history, culture, geography and even ethnography.

Western Transdanubia, Middle Transdanubia, Lake Balaton, Southern Transdanubia, Budapest, Northern Hungary, Northern Great Plain, Southern Great Plain

Termék címkék: Akciós könyv, Kaiser Ottó, újdonság