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Hungary at a Glance

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ISBN 9789632448978
Elérhetőség: Raktáron


It is a unique feature of the Carpathian basin that its relatively small area hosts an unparalleled variety of ethnic groups, religions and civilizations. This cohabitation gave birth to a common culture, while a truly multi-layered nation was also formed. For centuries the descendants of the founding Hungarian tribes lived alongside ancient peoples who preceded them and the people migrating here from neighbouring nations. Hungarians, Slovaks, Romanians, Serbs and Germans shared a common land here, just like the members of the different faiths – Catholics, Calvinists, Lutherans and Jews – did.

Our book is a special project, as it tries to convey the colourful nature of Hungary and its people. This unique “guidebook” covers everything from history to cultural heritage, from the achievements of the arts and sciences to the extraordinary music scene. Although these pages will give you only a glance, we do hope that this glimpse will inspire real love for this country in all our readers.

All about Hungary
Colourful history
Natural environment
World heritage sites
National parks
Urban development in Hungary
A thousand years of art
Literature in a nutshell
Music culture
Hungarian film and photo art
Nationalities in Hungary
Hungarian minorities in the world
Churches of a thousand years
Science, inventions
The greatest travellers
History of sports
Hungarian cuisine
World of spas

Termék címkék: Andrea Illés, angol nyelvű